Matthew OMG! – Part 2

Corrections for previous Episode and more on Matthew Fox.

Matthew OMG!

Matthew Fox article does not mince words!

Spiritual Leaders, Politics, & Practices – Episode 103

More discussion on our reactions, attitudes, and responsibility around current American events. A brief summing up of the previous episode and sound bites from Raghu Markus ‘ podcast where he and Lama Surya Das, speaking as friends, hash it out.  A discussion on coping and moving forward. Yisrael gives his commentary and sums up by ending with some encouraging wisdom from Jack Kornfield’s Heart Wisdom podcast.

Spiritual Leaders & This Election – Episode 102

Quotes and discussions of various spiritual leaders concerning the recent presidential election and their recent thoughts, discourses and suggestions for spiritual practitioners. How should we Be, and how should we be practicing, in light of current events? Quotes and discussions from Gangaji, Krishna Das, Ram Das, Raghu Markus, Sharon Salzberg, Danny Goldberg, Pope Francis, Brother Phat Dung, Sister Peace, and Thich Nhat Hahn.

Intro – Episode 101

Welcome to Dharma Review  – a unique broadcast show for the serious seeker, practitioner, and teacher. This intro episode explains what Dharma Review is and what you can expect by listening and joining in. All are encouraged to play the Intro Show for a full description of Dharma Review. – A lively and challenging show where listeners and viewers are encouraged to participate in examining their own spiritual practices and to meet and engage spiritual practitioners, teachers, and seekers as we all strive to live an awakened, examined, and full life.